2 In 1 Premium Hair Shaver

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Your Best Shaver!

Get a close, smooth shave in seconds without the painful cuts, bumps, and razor burn.  

Designed for wet & dry shaving

Perfect for shaving bikini line

Make skin bright and smooth

Quick & easy to use


Electric razors are designed to provide a painless and safe way for women to shave without having to worry about pulling or cutting their skin. Square foil shaver heads are suitable for full-body hair trimmers, such as legs, arms armpits, bikini lines and curved areas. The round rotating head shaves small, short hairs at close range and helps you clean those hard-to-reach residues. You will get rid of coarse hair and be more confident to enjoy silky smooth skin.

Gentle and painless Electric Razor for Women: Are you still suffering from the pain of a regular razor waxing or razor burn? Throw away your rough razor and say goodbye to shaving! Try our improved dedicated women's electric shaver, which offers seamless shaving for smooth silky skin. The hypoallergenic blade makes it very gentle to shave and is suitable for dry or sensitive skin. Place the square razor head at an Angle of 30° -60 ° to the skin, and shave to prevent hair growth for best shaving results.

100% Waterproof Wet and Dry Shave: After extensive water resistance quality testing, wet shave works well in the shower and provides a smooth shave if you want to dry shave quickly. This electric shaver for women is completely washable and you can easily remove the shaver head and rinse it under running water. A small brush will help clean the residue thoroughly. This women's shaver has a small and portable design, so you can enjoy a comfortable shaving experience anytime, anywhere.


Product Information:   

Power type: USB 

Color: Pink-English packaging, blue-English packaging

Cleaning type: fully washable

Material: ABS

Power mode: Electric

Hair removal part: whole body

Working method: Shaving

Cleaning method: removable cleaning of the cutter head


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Customer Reviews

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Emmanuelle Jacobson

Beautiful perfect hair removal👍

Bertrand Crona

Let's try.
Thank you very much!

Hilma Hermann

I tested it and it is a good measure, cut the hair well and it has strength and how good it is rechargeable because I don't even like batteries

Harmony Kuhn

Came in excellent condition previously charged. O tried to charge it take no time to charge. I used it dry way

Gabrielle Moore

Works very well